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CSA: “Green” garlic

My farm calls it green garlic, but really it has such a lovely rose color.

macro still life green garlic bulb from csa

I love garlic — much of my cooking starts with a splash of olive oil and a garlic clove (or two, or three….)  — so discovering local garlic was a treat. Like alot of vegetables, I think this has more flavor that the stuff in the grocery store  that’s spent who knows how long in a shipping container in transit (Conventional garlic in your neighborhood supermarket apparently comes mostly from China so it’s got alot of miles to travel)

three cloves of fresh local green garlic


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I [heart] my farm

I love my farm share – I tend to gush about community and kids running through veggie patches  and real, fresh, local food and…..

Well, I’ll try not to gush too much.

Moving on:  I picked up my first share of the season this week, and already I’m putting up some of it for the winter.

fresh local collard greens in white colander

I get a bigger share than I can keep up with myself, so I freeze and can the excess and have local produce throughout the year.  These collards are headed for the freezer and then into soup some snowy day. (Although, we’ve been in some nasty hot and humid weather pattern that makes snow hard to imagine)

There’s lots of useful information about preserving food out there, but greens are easy.  Remove the ribs, cut (you could do them whole, I guess, but have you looked at the size of a single collard leaf lately?), blanch, bag and freeze.

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