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Sunny yellow dresden for this month’s bee: perfect contrast to a cold, snow-y month. (The local TV station just announced we’d set a new snow-fall record for January. The meteorologist sounded a little too happy/excited about that, especially since we’re starting February with another foot of snow. Ok, weather-whine done, moving on)

yellow dresden plate block for fresh modern bee


The request this month was for something circle-ish, and since I’ve just decided that I really like making Dresden Plates, I knew just what to do. Well, actually, I thought about coming up with something new and different, but I’d been wanting to make a yellow Dresden anyways, so those thoughts didn’t last long.  Instead I made a little yellow plate (it’s 6-ish inches across) and set it off center on my square of linen.


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Sorry! I won’t get into it, but life has completely taken over my, well, life and kept me completely away from blog, flickr, even my sewing machine.

fresh modern bee pinwheel quilt block

I finally managed to get everything under control enough to get this month’s pinwheel bee-blocks sewn and mailed.

pinwheel quilt block for fresh modern bee

And love how they turned out – you know I love my white backgrounds, but these look great with the gray. I’ve been thinking about gray and blue, but the pink-orange-gray combination really caught my eye, and had me digging through my own stash..

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Finally got a few minutes to sew, and made some progress on my bee.

Here are the fabrics:solids and balck and white dots fabric for fresh modern bee 2

Quilt Happie gave us  lots of freedom with the blocks – rectangles that used all of the fabrics and blocks that had  “a modern Improv, scrappy kind of feel”

I decided to play with different sizes of slightly wonky log cabins:

modern log cabins block for fresh modern bee ii

(Which was lots of fun, by the way)

detail log cabin blocks for fresh modern bee

Here are some of the other blocks for this round:

1. Blocks for Jessica, 2. Blocks for Jessica, 3. Blocks for Jessica, 4. FMB2 Blocks for Jessica - September, 5. FMB2 Blocks for Jessica - September, 6. September block for Fresh Modern Bee II, 7. FMB II - September 2010, 8. FMB2 Blocks for Jessica - September, 9. can't stop, 10. Fresh Modern Bee 2 for QuiltHappie, 11. jessica - september, 12. Jessica's rainbow (fresh modern bee 2)

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Doll Quilt Swap

I’m behind in posting pictures of the cute little quilt I received in the Doll Quilt Swap 9 – for reasons that are beyond my comprehension my computer refused to upload them for a week.

doll quilt swap 9 - red whit and aqua mini patchwork quilt

Audrey got some of my favorite elements here – the fun red and aqua color combination, my favorite white sashings, a cute Alexander Henry backing fabric, and how did she know I have a blog post planned on my recent love of polka dots.

alexander henry fruit fabric mini quilt backing and polka dot binding

And, she sent this cute, coordinating pincushion. (She included some fabric too — but I whisked it off into an “I could start another new project pile” before the photo shoot. )

whirligig red and white modern patchwork pincushion

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I doubt I’m alone in this, but I’ve been thinking about solids alot lately. My “Daydreaming” quilt – inspired by City Quilts –  still needs to be quilted – but I’ve been doodling more solids quilt ideas on envelop backs and the like. And, then, look what landed in my mail box for my Fresh Modern Bee II – some gorgeous colors and some black and white dots.

folded solid cottons and black and white polka dot fabrics for fresh modern bee II

And, did you know there’s a group on flickr that’s all solid quilts ? Here are a few inspiring examples:

mosaic of modern quilts with solid fabric

(Click through to flickr for the links to individual photos)

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After my battle to complete the first quarter of this block, I finally got the whole thing done.

union jack paperpieced block for fresh modern bee II

I’m celebrating – these took some real focus and energy for some precise piecing, but will look great all together.

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Finally finished the last details of my doll quilt and associated goodies.

cathedral windows variation for doll quilt swap 9

This will be in the mail soon to my partner, in it’s matching envelope. My entry in matchiest doll quilt package contest. : )

package, quilt and goodies for doll quilt swap 9

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Lagniappe:  a little something special.

My new vocabulary from the DQS9 discussion board — I really like that there’s a word for this. And I really like the lagniappe I’m including with my quilt this time: note cards with fabric patchwork swatches.

blue/green/aqua fabric patchwork notecards

I’m unusually matchy with this project, so these are made from the same line of fabric as the quilt – and a coordinating fabric from the same designer. But these were fun, I think I’ll be making more with different combinations.

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A few more secret garden blocks to finish off my quilt for DQS9

Doll Quilt Swap - cathedral windows and secret garden variation with Dena Designs Monaco Fabric

And a tiny little one that doesn’t have a spot yet.

Tiny secret garden block - cathedral windows variation for DQS9

The little one is about an inch and a half across — adorable, but after doing it, I don’t recommend making them this small. So many layers of fabric in such a small space is just too much.

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After work on Friday, when my brain was ready for the weekend, was clearly not the time to sit down to paper piece a very precise Union Jack for this month’s bee.  Paper piecing messes with my brain anyways, so I shouldn’t have been surprised.

paper pieced union jack quilt block for fresh modern bee

This is me, with the first quadrant of the flag/block, ripping out a seam for the fourth time. Astute observers will note that it’s only the third seam of the block.  A cutting error, a placement error, not accounting properly for a seam allowance, grabbing the wrong  sized strip, and an alignment error can do that. My paper backing is going to be well-perforated for easy removal on this quadrant.

I should say, while this definitely a precise, detail oriented block, Lynn sent templates, and a nicely detailed tutorial. This is not the block’s fault, it was my tired brain’s fault. Besides, they’re going to look great (and I envy countries that have such aesthetically pleasing flags – all those lines of symmetry!)

paper pieced union jack flag quilt block for fresh modern bee

In the end, I completed one quadrant, declared victory and went to have a glass of wine.

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