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Lagniappe:  a little something special.

My new vocabulary from the DQS9 discussion board — I really like that there’s a word for this. And I really like the lagniappe I’m including with my quilt this time: note cards with fabric patchwork swatches.

blue/green/aqua fabric patchwork notecards

I’m unusually matchy with this project, so these are made from the same line of fabric as the quilt – and a coordinating fabric from the same designer. But these were fun, I think I’ll be making more with different combinations.

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A few more secret garden blocks to finish off my quilt for DQS9

Doll Quilt Swap - cathedral windows and secret garden variation with Dena Designs Monaco Fabric

And a tiny little one that doesn’t have a spot yet.

Tiny secret garden block - cathedral windows variation for DQS9

The little one is about an inch and a half across — adorable, but after doing it, I don’t recommend making them this small. So many layers of fabric in such a small space is just too much.

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After work on Friday, when my brain was ready for the weekend, was clearly not the time to sit down to paper piece a very precise Union Jack for this month’s bee.  Paper piecing messes with my brain anyways, so I shouldn’t have been surprised.

paper pieced union jack quilt block for fresh modern bee

This is me, with the first quadrant of the flag/block, ripping out a seam for the fourth time. Astute observers will note that it’s only the third seam of the block.  A cutting error, a placement error, not accounting properly for a seam allowance, grabbing the wrong  sized strip, and an alignment error can do that. My paper backing is going to be well-perforated for easy removal on this quadrant.

I should say, while this definitely a precise, detail oriented block, Lynn sent templates, and a nicely detailed tutorial. This is not the block’s fault, it was my tired brain’s fault. Besides, they’re going to look great (and I envy countries that have such aesthetically pleasing flags – all those lines of symmetry!)

paper pieced union jack flag quilt block for fresh modern bee

In the end, I completed one quadrant, declared victory and went to have a glass of wine.

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I took forever to decide on a plan, then had to wait for the fabric I wanted to arrive, then held off posting pictures until I knew the idea would work. But, finally, a sneak preview of my Doll Quilt Swap creation.

This is where those cute little blocks are ending up, along with some regular cathedral windows blocks.

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Ahead of the game this month (or at least reasonably on track) Susan asked for square-in-square blocks and sent fabric with a great graphic print and some solid/nearly solids in charcoal, turquoise and a warm ivory. I added some greens and came out with two blocks with very different feels .

Modern Patchwork Block aqua/turquoise, green, charcoal and ivory with fussy cut peacock feather

My favorite of the two

modern patchwork quilt block: wonky square in square

In need of a good pressing...

These were fun, I really love the make it up as you go construction of this “pattern”  — and cool pool-water turquoise is just the color to be working with this time of year.

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My bee blocks for June were done ages ago, but life slipped away from me and I was late getting them photographed and mailed. *sigh*

Green and tan string pieced quilt block for "Fresh Modern Bee 2"

But, they’ve arrived at their new home, and I’m finally getting the pictures up.  But, this month I’m going to be better. July blocks are done, photographed (and on the blog tomorrow) and will be in the mail this week.

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