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I got this quilt ready for quilting, a week or so ago, then got stalled trying to decide how exactly to quilt it.

Machine quilting design: random squares

I decided on randomly placed squares: plop a square ruler down more or less randomly, trace it with a fabric marker, and sew two (or three, if I feel ambitious) rows around it — repeat until sufficiently quilted.

modern patchwork quilt pink and orange squares

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detail: blue green string block modern quilted pillow

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When I made this little pillow I didn’t have to think long to decide on the quilting pattern. This little squared off spiral is probably my favorite technique, especially for small projects that turn easily.

quilting detail: square spiral on handmade patchwork pillow

So, I use it alot:

spiral straightline machine quilting on patchwork projects

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Do you have fall back quilting patterns that you always turn to?

patchwork pillow sham

(My patchwork pillow)

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