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After my battle to complete the first quarter of this block, I finally got the whole thing done.

union jack paperpieced block for fresh modern bee II

I’m celebrating – these took some real focus and energy for some precise piecing, but will look great all together.

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After work on Friday, when my brain was ready for the weekend, was clearly not the time to sit down to paper piece a very precise Union Jack for this month’s bee.  Paper piecing messes with my brain anyways, so I shouldn’t have been surprised.

paper pieced union jack quilt block for fresh modern bee

This is me, with the first quadrant of the flag/block, ripping out a seam for the fourth time. Astute observers will note that it’s only the third seam of the block.  A cutting error, a placement error, not accounting properly for a seam allowance, grabbing the wrong  sized strip, and an alignment error can do that. My paper backing is going to be well-perforated for easy removal on this quadrant.

I should say, while this definitely a precise, detail oriented block, Lynn sent templates, and a nicely detailed tutorial. This is not the block’s fault, it was my tired brain’s fault. Besides, they’re going to look great (and I envy countries that have such aesthetically pleasing flags – all those lines of symmetry!)

paper pieced union jack flag quilt block for fresh modern bee

In the end, I completed one quadrant, declared victory and went to have a glass of wine.

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