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I [heart] Independent Bookstores

I adore independent bookstores. I spent alot of summers working in them, and alot more hours happily browsing through them. They’re full of good books, and book-people, and community events that celebrate books and ideas (and community, too, but I guess that’s implied in the name)

So this post about an independent neighborhood bookstore asking folks to chip in to help it get through the lean summer months, left me a bit depressed and crossing my fingers and holding my breath, but  not totally surprised: It’s been a hard stretch for the independents.

And, it inspired me to add a trip to my favorite local independent to make a few purchases I’ve been thinking about, to my plan for tomorrow.

And I thought I’d share a shiny, new (ok, not actually shiny, and only new to me) tool I stumbled across recently to point me to more bookstores wherever I go.

I live in an area with lots of bookstores (yay, for college towns!), but it’s nice to know I can find more, if I wander someplace else. And they’ve got some nice book-y content on the site to keep me occupied until then.

And, and, even though I heard about it as a place to find bookstores, see that subtitle “and other indies”?  A whole bunch of categories, including “Arts, Crafts & Yarn Shops”. Yep, ’cause I know you all need more craft-shop shopping excuses ; )

But really, shopping local/independent businesses is good for your community (and, I figure, good for your soul — mine at least) Check it out, maybe you’ll find a new favorite book/craft/coffee/something or other shop.

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