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Starry, starry night…

I’m toying with ideas for my month in my bee, and I — of course — have too many ideas. One of them involves stars, so I went trolling through flickr. I’m not sure why I thought this would help me narrow down my choices – but, at least I┬ádecided to share some of the beautiful stars I found with all of you:

1. DQS #9 – Front, 2. Curly Boy’s Roundabout – 4 blocks, 3. dqs7 received, 4. Purple Passion Star quilt, 5. Kitty stars baby quilt, 6. Mini Lone Star, 7. mini three: ice star, 8. Fab 12 Stars, 9. Eight Pointed Star Quilt, 10. Amy’s Wonky Star Block, 11. Friendship Star – PTS4, 12. 60 BoS {15.60}

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