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Take 2

I have two family birthdays coming up – the Roses quilt is done, so I’m on to the second project.

But this one isn’t a new quilt. I first made this quilt 10 or 11 years ago. It was one of my earliest quilts —  I was a crazy ambitious beginner who didn’t know better than to decide to make a quilt with a million half-square triangles and bias edges, until I was easing seams every which way and cutting off points left and right.  But, it came out alright, all things considered, and was well used.

Unfortunately, I didn’t know enough. at that point, about crafsmanship and quality materials, for it to be particularly durable. So, after 10 years it was showing it’s age badly, and wasn’t in regular use any more. I took it back and took it apart  (it was just tied, and not frequently enough) I threw out the polyester batting, gently washed and repaired the top, added new batting and soft new flannel backing, and am stippling the heck out of it.

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This quilt is finished. *yay*

I’ll come up with a post with words later, right now my brain is a bit fried (I work at a college, this is the first week of school, all is crazy, I  miss my Labor Day Weekend already) so, here are some pretty pictures.

(my favorite picture)

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