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After last season’s blight, tomatoes have been abundant this summer, and I’m celebrating while they last – lately almost every supper features tomatoes.

red and yellow heirloom tomatoes

These are heirlooms, and just gorgeous – not conventionally pretty, but big and curvy and interesting (and delicious too)

yellow heirloom tomato still life

It’s a bit of a shame to chop such pretties up, but some of these are destined for canning for winter.

heirloom tomatoes

So, anyone have a favorite tomato recipe, while the bounty lasts?

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Monday commute

I work full time in an office, and, like my job, but well, Monday’s are no one’s favorite days. But this is how my Mondays end:

Flowers in the cupholder (and dirt on my hands from the great “early-tomato-easter-egg-hunt” aka Pick Your Own at the CSA)  The flowers are always gorgeous, but somehow I particularly appreciate them adding some unexpected color and beauty to red lights on my commute home.

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Sun Gold

First handful of pick-your-own, warm-from-the-sun-on-field cherry tomatoes of the year.

sun gold fresh organic cherry tomatoes

Sun golds – perfectly named.

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CSA: “Green” garlic

My farm calls it green garlic, but really it has such a lovely rose color.

macro still life green garlic bulb from csa

I love garlic — much of my cooking starts with a splash of olive oil and a garlic clove (or two, or three….)  — so discovering local garlic was a treat. Like alot of vegetables, I think this has more flavor that the stuff in the grocery store  that’s spent who knows how long in a shipping container in transit (Conventional garlic in your neighborhood supermarket apparently comes mostly from China so it’s got alot of miles to travel)

three cloves of fresh local green garlic

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