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I took forever to decide on a plan, then had to wait for the fabric I wanted to arrive, then held off posting pictures until I knew the idea would work. But, finally, a sneak preview of my Doll Quilt Swap creation.

This is where those cute little blocks are ending up, along with some regular cathedral windows blocks.

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One more

Another pillow from the pink and orange…

Lately I’ve be doing this more – using the scraps from one project to go right into a smaller coordinating project (or two), bypassing the scrap bin altogether. (Anyone else do that?)

pink and orange modern patchwork pillow

And in classic patchwork make-it-work style, I stumbled onto this bracket/corner design because I was playing around with not quite enough squares — and  I like it more than I do the “intended” design.

polka dots and stripes envelope pillow back

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In my humble opinion, this is quite possibly the perfect summer supper.

caprese - tomato, basil and mozzarella on bread with olive oil

No fuss, no cooking,no heating up the kitchen . Just good local, seasonal ingredients, slice and drizzle with olive oil.

What are your favorite summer meals?

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When I made this little pillow I didn’t have to think long to decide on the quilting pattern. This little squared off spiral is probably my favorite technique, especially for small projects that turn easily.

quilting detail: square spiral on handmade patchwork pillow

So, I use it alot:

spiral straightline machine quilting on patchwork projects

1. (back) , 2. Sunny coasters, 3. 103_6680, 4. WIP - Quilting Watercolors 3

Do you have fall back quilting patterns that you always turn to?

patchwork pillow sham

(My patchwork pillow)

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Monday commute

I work full time in an office, and, like my job, but well, Monday’s are no one’s favorite days. But this is how my Mondays end:

Flowers in the cupholder (and dirt on my hands from the great “early-tomato-easter-egg-hunt” aka Pick Your Own at the CSA)  The flowers are always gorgeous, but somehow I particularly appreciate them adding some unexpected color and beauty to red lights on my commute home.

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And a pillow

While I had the pink and orange fabrics out, I made a simple little patchwork pillow.

handmade patchwork pillow pink orange and white

And I foresee more orange projects in my future…

Patchwork pillow - orange and pink squares with white by pioneervalleygirl (bibliophile1.etsy.com)

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This is the danger of shopping online, I was hunting for a particular fabric for my Doll Quilt Swap project — and since I was already paying the shipping, and I’d been eyeing Tufted Tweets for months, added a bunch more fabric to the order and told myself it was completely justified. :)folded pile of fabric tufted tweets in red and purple

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I haven’t jumped on the hexagon bandwagon, at at this rate, I may never, I’m enjoying these little secret garden blocks too much, to pick up another hand project.

They’re a variation on cathedral windows. You start with the same folded background block, but you tuck the contrast fabric under the flaps of the background block and fold back the edges.

These little pink and white ones are part of a swap project, but I’m  thinking of making a little wall quilt for myself when I’m done….

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Giving Thanks

This is less than my full farm share this week (there’s also cucumbers and zucchini and green garlic, and I bought some local peaches and my favorite local bread while I was at it).  I’m all for cornucopias and Thanksgiving in November, but when, all of a sudden we go from early season greens to a burst of colorful summer vegetables, I think ‘well, maybe late July/August, right in the middle of it all, is the time for giving thanks and harvest celebrations.’

still life summer vegetables

Of course, I would have said the same in the spring when I was really excited to see the first markets, and when I get apple cider in the fall, and gave home-canned jam to family at Christmas,  and a few other times every season. . .

Gratitude, who knew it came with the share?

(And,  anyone want to help a Yankee out and tell me what to do with those okra down front?)

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Quilt Photography

I love photography, I love quilts so quilt-y photography should be perfect, but the truth is photographing quilts can be kind of a pain. Not always, but it’s definitely not the easiest photography I’ve done.

photograph pink orange quilt

Sometimes, the light is right and the quilt is photogenic and the stars align and it all works out easily,  but there’s also lots of deleting of bad/blurry/poorly lit/generally off photos of slumpy looking quilts and/or adjusting the almost but not quite ones. (People don’t tell you this, by the way, but the best “photography trick” I know: take a lot of photos – it tilts the odds in favor of getting the ones you want)

I had a good shoot with the pink and orange HST quilt,  and took, um alot of photos.  But, most of my favorite photographs end up being not the ones that show the whole quilt crisp and clear, but the unexpected little shots.   The  whole quilt, eh, you need one or two for practical purposes, but weird angles and details, I got alot of those that I love.  ( I won’t tell you how many options I had to choose from of a corner of the binding hanging off the chair like the photo bottom left of the mosaic). Enough, anyways, that I decided it would be less obnoxious to  put them in a mosaic.

But, it got me thinking, I apparently like the little details, but what are your favorite crafty photos?

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