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I’ve been shopping lately….

stack of folded quilting cotton fabric

stack of folded quilting cotton fabric - neutrals and reds

And, the donation blocks to go with them…

stack of folded quilting cotton fabric with blue donation block

stack of folded modern designer quilting cotton in neurals and reds with donation block for Anna Maria Horner's Rainbow Around the Block

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Yesterday was warm colors, today (my preferred side of the color wheel) the cool colors:

Spring green improv patchwork blocks for Rainbow Around the Block

Light green: That front one with the dot's on the edge? My favorite.

Dark green square in square improv block for rainbow around the block

Just one dark green -- turns out I don't have as many scraps in this color

Aqua and turquoise  blocks for rainbow around the block

Turquoise: Color of the Year

Dark blue improv patchwork quilt block for rainbow around the block

Cobalt - great color, I need to use it more

Purple improvisational quilt blocks for rainbow around the block

Purple (or do you say Violet?) either way: out of my color comfort zone

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Here are the warm colored blocks I made for Rainbow Around the Block

Pink quilt blocks for "Rainbow Around the Block"

Pink: I'm not usually a pink girl, but I managed two

red quilt blocks for "rainbow around the block"

Red: A little bit country on one, alot more modern on the other

Orange blocks to be donated to rainbow around the blco

Orange: really hard to make a not-obnoxiously bright all-orange block. (that one in the back: my least favorite of the whole pile)

Bright yellow patchwork quilt blocks for Rainbow around the Block

And, sunny, happy yellow.

Cool colors tomorrow…

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I planned to just make a few blocks for Rainbow around the Block.

colorwheel of charity patchwork blocks for Anna Maria Horner's "Rainbow Around the Block"

Turns out that make a block, whatever color, whatever pattern don’t worry about how you’re going to assemble, sash or quilt… in short no particular planning, no major decisions to make,  just grab a scrap bin and start sewing, was the perfect project for last week when I had about three other projects stalled, waiting for me to make decisions.

Stack of improv patchwork blocks for Tennessee flood relief

So, I kept making one or two blocks at a time, and quickly ended up with a rainbow of them.

color wheel of rainbow around the block improv piecing

These were such fun I think my next quilt — once I work through my current work in progress pile — is going to have to be some improv squares.  (Or, maybe a color wheel, since I got a little into them all laid out that way …)

Color wheel of Rainbow around the Block donation patchwork

Anyone else made blocks for this? (Or still making them? Deadline – September 1)

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As I said here, new fabric = charity block. So a couple of yards of Alexander Henry geometric prints, and a sunny yellow block for Rainbow Around the Block

Yellow block for Rainbow Around the Block with new folded fabric

Anna Maria Horner's Rainbow Around the Block

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I found myself staring at my fabric stash, with a fabric order open on my laptop, contemplating new fabric I could buy, and decided I need a new practice in my quilting life. Because, much as I love fabric, and getting pretty new fabric, I hate mindless consumption.  (Modern American culture is full of it, and the world can’t take it anymore) So, new commitment: every time I order new fabric (or buy it at a local shop) I will stop and make a charity block from fabric I already own. A sort of “sewing grace”, if you will. A pause in the buying and a ritual to slow down and remind myself that I don’t “need” new fabric – just want it – I have plenty and not just of fabric.  A gentle practice to put my own buying back into perspective for myself.

So, here’s the first block:

modern square in square quilt block aqua with flower center

A modern square in square block headed for Anna Maria Horner’s Rainbow Around the Block which is making quilts for families in Tennessee effected by floods earlier this year.

rainbow around the block: charity quilt drive to help those effected by Tennessee floods

If anyone else wants to participate, details are here and blocks are due by Sept. 1 — And there’s a whole flickr pool of inspiration

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