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I’ve been sewing long enough that I don’t really think much about the actual mechanics of  line up the fabric – lower the pressure foot – back stitch etc. Until I look down and think “huh”

sewing hst quilt blocks

There’s something strange about discovering something that you yourself have been doing – like the fact that I never realized I line up my HST blocks on the opposite side of my presser foot from every other seam I sew.  Anyone else ever have these moments? Or is it just me?

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Happy Boxing Day

Happy Boxing Day, to those in parts of the world that celebrate it, or Happy first day of  Kwanza for that matter. For everyone who celebrated Christmas yesterday, I hope the day was merry. And,whatever you celebrate, that you got all of your sewing, cookie-baking and the rest done in time.  (Personally, I finished handsewing the binding on the last present at about 11pm of Christmas eve…)


blue brown bird handmade pillow for christmas gift

This pillow actually got done in plenty of time. I showed you the quilting here. When I was a kid, my grandmother challenged me to a First Robin of the Year contest, then let me win for a decade. So for her birthday this fall, I made her a quilt with fussy cut robin blocks, but didn’t get a picture before gifting it. *sigh* Since I had extra fabric,  I made the coordinating pillow for Christmas to complete the set.

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Continuing my effort to pass my list of “some day I’ll make that” tutorials off to all of you.


I use cloth napkins: they feel  so civilized, and green, and I haven’t had to buy paper ones in years. I have a more than sufficient supply, but that doesn’t stop me from accumulating designs for more, and for napkin rings to go around them.


Fringed napkins from Purl Bee

Embroidered napkins from Design*Sponge


Reversible Napkin Rings from Craft

Autumn napkin rings from Heather Bailey




Happy crafting – and eating!

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The never ending list…

I don’t know about you, but I collect tutorials for projects I might do someday almost as fast as I collect fabric, which is to say, much faster than I can actually sew them.

Rather than leave them getting dusty in my bookmarks folder, I thought I’d start  digging them out and occasionally posting them here so you can put them on your to make list, and maybe one of us will actually get to them.  (Yes, my strategy formanaging my own excessive accumulation is to enable yours…)

So, some  sewing project tutorials-

Lots of Lunchbags

Legal Pad Cozy

Oak Leaf Bowls

modern quilting fabric - blue and gray

Random fabric pile, just 'cause


If you’ve got good tutorials languishing on your “someday I’ll make that list”, link to them in the comments, so I can add them to mine.

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